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        Anqing Hualan won the title of “Financial and Trustworthy Enterprise” in Anqing City

        Time:2019-01-14      Auto:

        Recently, Anqing Hualan Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “Anqing Financial and Trustworthy Enterprise” in 2018 by the People’s Bank of China Anqing City Branch.
        The award is based on the "Anqing City Financial and Trustworthy Enterprise Evaluation Implementation Measures", reviewed by the Anqing Intermediate People's Court, the Housing Construction Committee, the Taxation Bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Environmental Protection, the Public Administration and other departments, and is chaired by the Bank of Anqing City. Joint meeting assessment.
        Over the years, Anqing Hualan has always attached great importance to corporate reputation, adhering to the corporate philosophy of integrity management and standardized management, legal operation, law-abiding management, and integrity management, and made certain contributions to local economic development. The company will take this opportunity to establish a long-term good cooperative relationship between banks and enterprises, promote the sound and rapid development of enterprises, and make due contributions to the promotion of the credit level of enterprises and institutions in Anqing City and the promotion of “Honest Anqing”.

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